Exercise Is Medicine

A cura di: Dott. Nicola Castaldini Medico Chirurgo, specialista in Medicina Interna - Ecografia

Exercise Is Medicine

A cura di: Dott. Nicola Castaldini Medico Chirurgo, specialista in Medicina Interna - Ecografia

If you pay attention to your “Sick Care” costs, and most of us have to, you know how expensive “Sick Care” has become with no end in sight. As we know, lifestyle is the biggest contributor to chronic disease and primary prevention, with exercise being key, can prevent many needs for “Sick Care” services (watch Otis Brawley discuss corruption in the US Health Care System).

However, compared to Pharmaceuticals, the AHAAMA and their lobbyist and riches, the fight for primary prevention has been overwhelmed by other interests. The “Sick Care” delivery system has plenty of incentives and subsidies given its influence and power but when it comes to promoting primary prevention and exercise little has been accomplished in remaking public policy. In 2012 I wrote how improving health quality, particularly in the U.S., will require industries to reform or get out of the way. Now comes the introduction of the PHIT ACT to the Senate and the opportunity for all of us to get meaningful reform started. Its also time to recognize IHRSA and the ILC leadership for the long fight they’ve led to get us to this important place.

After a ten year effort IHRSA, SFIA and the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) , who collectively got PHIT off the ground in 2006 and have reintroduced PHIT into each new Congress,  PHIT was introduced for the first time in the Senate at the end of 2015. By continually promoting PHIT for many years, this group, among others like our friends at the American Counsel on Exercise and our organization the Fitness Industry Technology Council, have educated Members of Congress, the Administration, the media, and influence-rs on the importance of physical activity to our collective future.

This effort is also why I have personally been as supportive as possible of theIndustry Leadership Council of IHRSA, along with many others like Chuck and Dave from Anytime and countless other brands (see the list here) who give money each year and support the ILC’s efforts. I’d encourage you to do the same.

Why is PHIT so important to our industry? PHIT will make it easier for all Americans to build the habit of exercise into their daily lives and help individuals and families to afford exercise-related expenses. It lets them pay for health club memberships, youth sports league fees, fitness equipment, and exercise DVDs with pre-tax dollars from health savings (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs).

Now its your turn to do something. Make an impact and share your voice byjoining IHRSA’s ILC and following the advice of Helen Durkin, EVP of Public Policy at IHRSA, in this article on PHIT titled:  ILC Update: Voice Your Support For PHIT.

What do you think ? Will you join ILC and follow Helen’s advice ? I have and I will. Its time we reform health care by incentivizing primary prevention.

Bryan O’Rourke is an entrepreneur, consultant, executive and investor. He has presented as a keynote speaker at industry and corporate conferences on four continents. He is widely published and quoted in periodicals like Inc. Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Bryan recently contributed to a book with other European thought leaders Growing The Fitness Sector Through Innovation which will be released in April at the Europe Active Health And Fitness Forum In Cologne. Visit http://www.bryankorourke.com to learn more.


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